COVID-19 Affections: comparison between Children & Adults

Research on COVID-19 pediatric patients is still limited, but a new study offers a fresh perspective on the early diagnosis and epidemic control of COVID-19 in children and could enhance early intervention and diagnosis. Children were more likely to have fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. However, their symptoms were usually less severe and didn’t last as […]

Medically Prescribed Heroin: A solution to the Opioid Crisis?

With overdose death rates continuing to climb, is it time for a realistic look at the role prescription heroin could play in combating the opioid crisis?   On the morning of Saturday, Jan. 12, police in Chico, California, responded to a mass overdose. Eight ambulances and six fire trucks were on scene. Chico Fire Department […]

Should Pregnant Women Use Opioids?

Medical professionals and pregnant women need to decide between pain management and the health of an unborn baby when it comes to opioid prescriptions. For many expecting parents, the 9 months of pregnancy often revolves around one question. Will the baby be OK? For babies who have exposure to opioids in utero, the answer isn’t […]